Fit Logistics: Logistics partner

Specialist in managing worldwide freight movements

At Fit Logistics we will ship all your cargo types safe and fast. We will manage your complete international shipments. From pickup at suppliers, arranging all documentation, insurances and examinations, loading of containers till delivery on time at destinations and all which is in between.

Our dedicated team is focussing with full attention on your seafreight, airfreight, roadtransport, railtransport or warehousing.  With our customer portal you will have 24/7 visibility on the status of your shipments and you will find important documents directly.

What is our key? Full dedication and commitment with customers,  partners and suppliers. We will always find ‘’fitting solutions!


Shipping your cargo as quick as possible to an international destination? Our specialists make sure your cargo will be delivered fast and safe to your destination. We will take care of handling your complete shipment: before and after the flight, worldwide!


Uw transport zo snel mogelijk naar een internationale bestemming verzenden? Onze specialisten zorgen dat uw vracht veilig op de plaats van bestemming aankomt. We verzorgen de gehele afhandeling voor u: voor en na de vlucht. En dat wereldwijd!


Fit Logistics will be glad to take care of your road transport as part of the supply chain. We will fit this exactly to your needs. Ask for a quotation and you will receive this within 24 hours.


Do you need space for (temporary) storage as part of your supply chain? Fit logistics has enough space for your warehousing needs. We manage incoming and outgoing goods through our system, so you can focus on your key business.

24/7 visibility with our customer portal

At Fit Logistics we stand for personality, commitment and dedication in all possible international shipping needs. We believe it is important that you have full visibility of the whole shipping process at all times.

With our customer portal:

  • You can check the status of your shipments at any time
  • You can consult important documents
  • You can upload new orders easily
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